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Stormscope Models


Designed to interface with most MFD's, the WX-500 allows pilots to view lightning information directly on their MFD - on a dedicated page or overlaid on the map.

  • Up to 200 nm range
  • Pilot selectable strike and cell modes
  • Display of airspace in 120' forward and 360' surrounding views
  • Heading stabilized when configured with compatible system
  • Stores lightning data on all ranges simultaneously
  • Strike rate indicator
  • View lightning on multiple displays at the same time
  • View on dedicated page or overlaid on moving map
WX500 stormscope


Designed specifically to monitor lighting from the ground, the WX-950G provides two modes of operation, cell mode and strike mode. In cell mode, the display shows storm areas with the greatest intensity. In strike mode, the WX-950G detects and maps individual strikes, allowing you to monitor sporadic electrical activity that may indicate the beginnings of a storm. Ranges of 25, 50, 100 and 200 nm are available in 360' view or 120' forward looking view.

  • Designed as a Ground-Based Weather Station
  • Operates in 25, 50, 100 and 200 nm ranges
  • Features selectable strike and cell modes
  • Displays multiple views:
    • 360' view of electrical activity in all directions
    • Forward-looking 120' view
  • Uses a high resolution, 3-inch ATI display/processor for optimum image precision
WX950 stormscope


Like all Stormscope systems, the WX-1000 Series provides early detection of storm cells, and displays lightning at ranges up to 200 nautical miles. Simply turn your system on and monitor thunderstorm activity even before you leave the ground. Pick four selectable ranges, two separate views, a built-in checklist, and a timer to keep track of your elapsed time on approach. The WX-1000E Series can be configured to display lightning on an EFIS or radar indicator.

  • 360' or 120' selectable view out to 200 nm range
  • Interfaces with SkyWatch and SkyWatch HP Traffic Advisory Systems
  • Electrical discharge information stored on all ranges simultaneously
  • "CLEAR" function helps determine whether cells are building or dissipating
  • Optional dedicated high-resolution CRT display
  • Six installer-programmable checklists
  • Heading stabilized when configured with a compatible heading system(1,2)
  • Available with ARINC 429 EFIS output(2)
  • Creates GPS-generated Course Deviation Indicator (CDI)(2)

(1)Model WX-1000+ features(2)Model WX-1000E features

WX1000 stormscope
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