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After 65 years, Narco Avionics is no longer in business.

What happened?

Hey, sales were way down. So they started a super sales campaign believing that aggressive marketing would save them. They ignored the fact that their products were not keeping up with technology. They were not even in the running with other manufacturer when it came to GPS and WAAS. They developed a new transponder which was not reliable. Narco dealers were frustrated, customers were returning with problems. Experienced Narco Technicians were also frustrated and left for greener pastures. They became cash strapped so they made a deal with a major distributor to sell their product who would pay up front to solve their cash problem. This distributor was in direct competition with Narco dealers. Narco dealers abandoned them. Who then would install Narco products?
The rest is history.

We will still try to service and support any Narco equipment that you may have but parts are fast becoming depleted. Upgrading is probably the best option.

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